Notes of Candied Ginger, Raspberry and Chocolate


We have been buying coffee from Homero Aguiar Paiva’s farm Fazenda Guariroba since our first Brazil Direct Trade sourcing trip in 2016.


That year the farm took the coveted No. 1 position in the Cup of Excellence competition for Natural Processed coffees with a score of 90.5 just 6 weeks after our visit.


That coffee was a Yellow Catucai  – a hybrid variety of Icatu and Caturra. Something I had never heard of until it stormed its way to the front of a well-contested pack.


This Lot is the same variety – but a vastly different processing style:

-Hand picked – most Brazils are machine picked

-Floated cherries to remove over/under ripes – most Brazils are not floated.

-Disinfect to decrease microbial load

-Controlled fermentation:

-72 hours lactic fermentation with microorganism (Lacto bacillus) inoculation – this enhances the texture and structure of acidity.

-120 hours alcoholic fermentation with yeast inoculation enhances flavour and balances acidity.


These bacteria and yeasts feed off the coffee sugars producing CO2 which drives off the oxygen and gives rise to the name “Anaerobic Fermentation”. This produces an elegant profile without sharp or vinegary attributes.


Once fermentation is complete the coffee is dried on in the shade for 30 days on raised beds.


The effect: a fantastic coffee with a backbone of chocolate or cacao with overtones of candied ginger and raspberry. Try it as a black brewed coffee or as a truly wonderful straight espresso.



*Although we make every attempt to have seasonal coffee available to order, occasionally some products  are not available to ship immediately because we are in the process of hand-roasting them.*


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Homero Aguiar Paiva


Santo Antônio Do Amparo


Yellow Catucai




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