Notes of Greengage, Apple and Goldenberry (A Goldenberry is also known as a Physalis, or Cape Gooseberry)

Thanks to its varied terrain and range of distinctive microclimates, the flavours found in Colombian coffees can be quite wide-ranging. This particular lot showcases everything that we look for in a classic example of the Huila region: balanced fruitiness, exceptional clarity and delicious sweetness to tie everything together.


This coffee comes to us from CafeLumbus, an association who provide transparent and ethical specialty coffee from their own five farms and the surrounding neighbours.  It was bought through one of our new importing partners: Keynote Coffee.


San Adolfo is a municipality in southern Huila, where small farms have dedicated to the production and processing of specialty coffee in order to achieve higher prices and drive a sustainable industry. The producers here are extremely pro-active, running their own quality competitions and achieving international recognition for cup quality.


The town has a history of violence, and previously was an epicentre for conflict while under occupation by the FARC and other armed groups. However, after intervention from the government and a long and careful reconciliation process, the people of San Adolfo are nowdedicated to cultivating coffee, quickly becoming an important micro-region within Huila.




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Tabi and Pink Bourbon




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