Elixir Espresso Version XXII Burundi Murambi Hill

Strawberry yogurt, Apricot, Chocolate



The Elixir Espresso represents our quest to showcase fruit flavours in coffee; we roast light to maintain all of the delicate, complex notes the coffees have to offer. Elixir XXII is a testament to that – vibrantly fruity and complex, with a sweet finish.


This lot is grown by smallholder farmers around Murambi Hill in Mumirwa, northeast Burundi and is processed 1.5 km away at Migoti washing station. The very high average altitude (around 1800 masl) of the contributing farms combined with expert drying on raised beds guarantees a consistent and complex cup.


Elixir is designed to be the polar opposite of our main espresso Opus. They share the sweetness and our drive for balanced yet complex coffees, but while Opus is chocolatey and comforting, Elixir is punchy, fruit-forward and perfect for someone more adventurous. Elixir works wonderfully on its own as espresso, but can also serve as an excellent base for milk drinks.


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Smallholder farmers of Murambi Hill




1800 masl


Red Bourbon




250g, 1Kg

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