Elixir Espresso XXVIII Ethiopia Chelbesa

Bubblegum, Blueberry, Lavender



The Elixir Blend represents our quest to showcase fruit flavours in coffee; we roast light to maintain all of the delicate, complex notes the coffees have to offer. Elixir XXVII is a testament to that – vibrantly fruity and complex, with a sweet finish.



Nestled in the Gedeo zone’s Gedeb district, Chelbesa boasts one of the finest coffee-producing areas, characterized by lush semi-forests with towering false banana trees and shade-grown coffee plants.

In 2019, SNAP Specialty Coffee established their modern wet mill in Danche, a small hamlet within Chelbesa Village, to exclusively process red cherries from local farmers, realizing their ambition upon project completion.

Crafted with precision, the wet mill’s fermentation tanks are made of ceramic, ensuring clarity in coffee processing and faster fermentation due to heat retention.

This particular lot comprises cherries from 495 smallholder farmers in the area, known for its fertile red-brown soil rich in iron and high acidity.

Cherries undergo traditional natural processing, sorted and cleaned before being sun-dried on African beds for 28 to 35 days, resulting in an exceptionally complex and vibrant coffee.



Elixir works wonderfully on its own as espresso, but can also serve as an excellent base for milk drinks.




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SNAP Speciality Coffee


Chelbesa, Yirgacheffe






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